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    SCM 9005 Solid Black Adhesive Covering

    • Plus que €1,100.00 pour bénéficier de 5 % de remise sur votre panier
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    Length (by roll)

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    • 5% de remise immédiate dès 1 100 € HT
    • 8% de remise immédiate dès 2 200 € HT
    • 12% de remise immédiate dès 3 300 € HT

    La remise est calculée sur le montant HT du panier

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    SCM 9005 matte black coating

    For an industrial and contemporary style decoration.
    This black coating, with a slightly grained matte finish, brings cachet and elegance to your interior.
    This color also allows to highlight all the colors and materials with which it is associated.

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    ColorSolid Black
    AdhesiveAcrylique Polymère
    LinerSiliconized paper 150 microns
    Thickness200 microns
    Application FaceInternal
    Durability10 years


    Easy to apply on flat or curved surfaced, thin, cutable and auto-adhesive.