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Why become a reseller?

The Réflectiv Reseller Program enables qualified resellers to offer Réflectiv Window Films to both end-users and particular individuals as well as commercial companies.

This program is aimed at industry professionals with years of experience in the following activities:

  1. Glass professionals
  2. Professional online resellers and web shops
  3. Suppliers in the digital printing area
  4. Construction, decoration, renovation, and interior design companies
  5. DIY companies
  6. Paint wholesalers
  7. Plastic products distributors

It is important that Réflectiv resellers provide superior customer experience, marketing and after-sales service as an overall offer supporting Réflectiv products.

Reseller Program benefits:

  1. Significant price reductions
  2. Being a privileged partner
  3. Up-to date information and technical advice
  4. Free marketing material
  5. Product samples available