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Installation principle

All Reflectiv films apply the same. You will need the following materials: a cutter, a sprayer, a squeegee.

1 Thoroughly clean the glass with the scraper, squeegee and sprayer. Then wipe the frame with the paper towel.

2 Pre-cut the film with the cutter to a size 2 to 3 cm larger than that of the glass

3 To separate the protective film, use 2 pieces of adhesive tape.

4 Peel off the backing by thoroughly wetting the film adhesive with soapy water.

5 Turn over and apply the film on the adhesive side to the glass.

6 Spray the film to allow the squeegee to glide well.

7 Smooth out with the squeegee, from the center outwards, starting at the top.

8 Cut the film to a size 2 mm smaller than that of the glass so that it does not touch the frame, then re-heal.

Tip: If you have large glazing that requires a fitting, you just need to lay the two films edge to edge, without superimposing them. You hardly see it.

Installation video