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INT 256 Frosted film

  • Plus que €1,100.00 pour bénéficier de 5 % de remise sur votre panier
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Length (by roll)

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  • 5% de remise immédiate dès 1 100 € HT
  • 8% de remise immédiate dès 2 200 € HT
  • 12% de remise immédiate dès 3 300 € HT

La remise est calculée sur le montant HT du panier

Uniquement valable pour une commande sur Internet.

Slight see through. This adhesive film turns all the windows into  frosted glass. It Slight seethrough vision but allows light to pass, and allows you to hide away from prying eyes.

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Material PVC
Color Colorless
Adhesive Acrylic polymer 20 G/M2
Liner Siliconed paper 100 microns
Thickness 100 microns
Application Face Internal & external
Fire rating B-S1, D0
Application T° Min + 5°C
Standards Euroclasses
Guarantee 8 years* / 3 years*


The glass surface to be glued on has to be free from dust, grease or other contaminants. Some specific materials such as polycarbonate can cause air bubble problems. Therefore, a compatibility rest is recommended. Please refer to our prescription table or contact us for any question

Before applying to our users to ensure that the film is suitable for the intended use and comply with current standards. In order to constantly improve our production we may change a product colour and manufacturing process without prior notice.



Fiche Technique INT256

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Notice d'application

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Application instruction

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