How to apply a window film ?

Application principle

All of the Reflectiv films are applied in the same way.

You will need the following tools: a cutter, a bottle spray, a squeegee.

1 By using a window scraper, a squeegee, and a bottle spray filled with soapy water, clean the window pane thoroughly. Wipe the window frame with a paper towel.
2 By using a cutter, cut a piece of the window film to a size 2 cm – 3cm larger than the window pane.
3 With the help of 2 pieces of scotch tape separate the film from its protective liner.
4 While removing the protective liner from the film, spray the film’s adhesive side generously with the soapy water.
5 Turn the film over and apply its adhesive side on the window pane.
6 Spray the film to allow the squeegee to slide easily over it.
7 To attain a good adherence, use the squeegee from the top to the bottom by moving it from the center towards the edges.
8 Trim the film 2mm from the edge of the window pane so that it does not touch the window frame. Use the squeegee again to smooth out any remaining air bubbles.

A tip: If you have large windows that require fitting, apply two films edge to edge without overlapping one on the other. The fact that two films are applied can hardly be seen.

Application Video