High security film

TOP 300
Dimensions (of rolls)
  • 1.52 x 30 m
Shipping time
24 / 48h


Performance security film TOP300, offers a resistance to impact that is clearly superior to any other conventional security polyester film.                                                                                                                                                                                                           The perfectly colorless security film TOP300 forms a membrane that holds the glass in one piece, preventing from breaking into pieces in case of explosion or vandalism.

The TOP300 is particularly suitable for securing the exposed glass surfaces such as shops, financial institutions, public buildings, offices, places of worship, museums, ambassies, banks, etc …

The safety TOP300 represents a sustainable alternative to replacing your conventional glazing.


Resistance test NF EN 356

ClassheightWeight of the BallImpactsJoules
P11,50 m4,100 kg360
P23,00 m4,100 kg3120
P36,00 m4,100 kg3240
P49,00 m4,100 kg3360
P59,00 m4,100 kg9360

European standard EN 356

P1 AP2 AP3 AP4 AP5 A
44/2 with 2 TOP 300OK
44/2 with TOP 300OK
4 mm with TOP 300OK
44/2 laminatedOK
33/2 laminatedOK


Application Method

The glass surface to be glued on has to be free from dust, grease or other contaminants. Some specific materials such as polycarbonate can cause air bubble problems. Therefore, a compatibility test is recommended. For more precision we recommend to refer back to the application table.

Production and standards

In order to constantly improve our production we may change a product colour and manufacturing process without prior notice. Before applying our products we recommend that our users ensure that the film is suitable for the intended use and comply with current standards.

In order to maintain the high level of quality, we do not recommend mixing different film productions when applying films



Material : PET multilayer 330 microns

Adhesive: acrylic polymer 28 gr/m²

Liner: siliconized PET 23 microns

Color: Transparent

Application: Internal

Application tips: Use clear water only

Heat Resistance: from -20° to 80°C

Warranty: 10 years

Application Temperature: min. + 5°C

Fire Rating: M1


European standards EN 356 : P5 A


12 years

from 12 to 15 years for vertical application in central Europe.


Réflectiv window films are designed for use on any type of clear normal glass

Maintenance after
30 days

with usual cleaning solutions (non-abrasive, without ammonia…). Cleaning products that may scratch the film should be avoided.

2 years

from delivery. This film should be kept away from excessive humidity and sun rays, at temperatures below 38°C.