General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Article 1 – Order acceptance

All orders are subject to our general sales condition, regardless of any contradictory provisions included in general sales conditions of our clients.

Article 2 – Delivery time

Delivery time is not specified and thus potential delays do not entitle the Buyer to cancel the purchase, to refuse the item or service provided or claim damage to their interest.

Article 3 – Transport

All our products are sold directly from our store. They are dispatched at the Buyer’s risk and expense, whatever transport mode or payment modalities of free or port freight rate.

Article 4 – Prices

The invoice for purchased items is issued based on the current prices as of the delivery date whereas the invoice for services ordered is issued based on the current prices as of the execution date.

Article 5 – Payment conditions

Our invoices are due for payment upon delivery of the purchased goods. Until the invoice payment, Réflectiv holds full ownership of goods which are considered deposited and the Buyer shall be charged with potential damage cost regardless of its cause. Nonetheless, the Buyer is entitled to use or resell the abovementioned goods. Réflectiv reserves the right to withdraw the authorization by sending a recommended letter after the first default of payment. In accordance with the express agreement, a default on one due payment or other type of breach of the Buyer’s obligations results in:

  1. Depending on Réflectiv’s decision; either payment of the entire remaining amount using the previously chosen payment method and conditions or returning the goods at the Buyer’s expense.
  2. Payment of interest at an increased bank rate of 6 points
  3. In accordance to the penalty clause, payment of a compensation for debt recovery costs, amounting to 8% of the debt amount, with prejudice to all remaining debt, or authorizing Réflectiv to postpone new deliveries or operations.

The Buyer is not allowed to take advantage of the claim against the Seller to appeal against the Seller and claim for issuing a partial payment or paying the compensation.

Invoices issued for the State, local communities and other public institutions apply payment conditions pursuant to the provisions provided for in the Code on Government Procurement, including directives related to default interests which shall be binding in the case of default in payment.

Article 6 – Warranty

We are deeply involved in providing products which comply with Réflectiv technical specifications and in replacing products which appear to be defective. However, under no circumstances may our company be charged with mechanical damages which result directly or indirectly from inappropriate storage or usage.

We suggest that users, before installing the product, make sure the product is suitable for its future usage by carrying out preliminary tests where necessary, to protect them against the responsibilities and risks incumbent on them. Returning goods in not allowed without a prior written permission.

The provisions of these conditions are not exclusive to any application made by a non-professional buyer of the legal guarantee of articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code.

Article 7 -Branch selection

Réflectiv is domiciled at its registered office. All disputes related to interpretation and execution of the Contract of Sale shall be settled by Créteil Trade Tribunal only. Our bills or acceptance of payment allow neither substitution nor overriding of this clause conferring jurisdiction.

Article 8 – Juridiction and language

Any disputes concerning interpretation or execution of the contract, of any nature (sale, distribution, agency),shall be under the jurisdiction of France. The applicable language is French.