Frequently Asked Questions

You will find here answers to the main questions asked regarding Reflectiv products and their application. Click on a question to find out the answer.

If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are window films used for ?

Réflectiv provides a wide range of solutions adjusted to all needs:


  • Frosted films successfully give an impression of sandblasted glass. They completely hide the view allowing the light through.
  • Adhesive frosted films. We offer a wide variety of decorative adhesive films which give windows a second life. They are an ideal solution for those seeking privacy
  • Colorful adhesive films allow changing a color of any glass surface: windows, door, glass tables, etc. It preserves transparency of glass.

Solar protection:

  • Adhesive sun control films reject up to 79% of solar energy and allow significant savings in terms of using air-conditioning.


  • Safety and security films are the cheapest solution to strengthen glass surfaces. Fully transparent, they make it hard to break glass. The glass will not smash into pieces when it’s broken.


  • Car window films are designed to tint car windows. They prevent overheating of the interior and protect against unwanted looks.


  • Last but not least, one-way mirror films offer a perfect imitation of a mirror. One side reflects an image whereas the on the other side glass remains transparent.

Is the window film easy to apply or take off the glass?

Yes. Installing a film is very easy. You can do it by yourself and it will take you only a few minutes to install a film on any clear glass surface.

Removing the films is also very simple. You can bring back the old look of the glass at any time.

Can I reuse a film which was previously applied on a window ?

No. Window films are like big stickers. They can only be applied once.

Can I install a window film in other places than windows itself ?

Réflectiv films are designed for all types of glass surfaces: windows, door, shower cubicles, glass tables, glass furniture, porches, PVC partitions or even car windows.

Can I apply a film on a PVC window?

Yes. The film can be applied on any PVC window internally, e.g. in case of office partitions.

When installing sun control and mirror films on a PVC glass, the following suggestions should be taken into account:

  • The film should be installed on the external side of the window
  • PVC glass must have been installed for  at least 2 years. Otherwise degassing may take place which results in air bubbles under the film

How to apply Réflectiv Window Films ?

All of the Réflectiv window films are applied in the same way. Go to How to Apply a Window Film page for more information.

Air bubbles have appeared under the film not long time after its application. Is it normal?

Yes. It may happen while the film is drying. The bubbles will disappear within a 4-5 week-time.

I applied a security film SEC058 but it doesn’t stick on the glass. Is it because of the glue?

No. The security film SEC 058 is very thick. It must be applied with a special squeegee RACL 058, which allows a strong application without damaging the film. If you didn’t use a special squeegee it is likely that there is still more water between the glass and the film, which prevents it from sticking properly.

Are Réflectiv Window Films guaranteed?

Yes. All our window films are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. This guarantee is valid for 10 years in for window films applied internally, and 2 years for window films applied externally.

Where can I find Réflectiv Window Films?

You can find our products in the majority of DIY stores, home improvement hypermarkets, paint wholesalers etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with contact details of our closest distributors.

Can I overlap several films on top of each other?

Yes. You can bring your project to fruition and apply a color film on a decorative film, giving it your personal touch.