European leader of self-adhesive films for windows

In a constantly changing economic market, we are developing new films to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Our products are exported to the entire world. Demand for our entire product portfolio continues to grow, whether it is decorative or technical film. In order to be able to satisfy your particular requirements, we have created a new referencing tool that clearly regroups our films.

Réflectiv website will accompany you during various stages of your projects:

  • Easy film selection facilitated by a product family re-organization in a form of page-tabs.
  • Description of the desired product performance, provided much faster in technical sheets that are available on each product reference page.
  • Feasibility verification through our easy-to-use prescription tables.
  • 3D diagrams to help select the most suitable film and simplify the understanding of solar reflections.
  • Images of decorative patterns to know a display direction of a film.
  • Application tips allowing combinations of different types of frosted decorative films.
  • Last but not least, product innovations that revolutionize the world of window films: SOL145 …